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Moving to one of the largest cities in the world can be an exciting and challenging experience, and the International Newcomers Club of São Paulo (INC) is here to help. The International Newcomers’ Club of São Paulo  is a multicultural non-profit social organization that provides support, valuable information as well as ongoing opportunities and activities for the international English-speaking community of São Paulo. INC helps people from all over the world feel at home in São Paulo.  Membership is open to English-speaking people of all nationalities who live in São Paulo.

“INC Wednesdays” allow members to socialize at events such as the Monthly Coffees and Bazaars, “Red Rose” Coffees - focuses on brand new members - and Monthly Luncheons.  Regular activities also include evening events for couples and singles, weekend family events, as well as day trips and tours in English.  INC offers its Members a vast amount of communication tools such as the INC Chat - the club’s online newsletter, access to the INC Facebook Group, access to the INC website and directory, as well as several publications, such as the DICAS - a guide to the city that is know to be the number one publication for expats.
For more information please visit our website.
For information about membership please email us at

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